About Us

Two Tone Global is a client-centric full service agency, where the client is still KING. We operate out of 12 African markets and one country in the Middle East. We believe in the rise of the Pan African collaborative that will make our continent great!

Africa and beyond - our strategic direction

Our global reach and ability to execute global campaigns through a tightly knit network of branches and collaborations has become a key aspect in our strategic growth plan. Having an integrated network has paid off well for us as has been demonstrated through notable work developed and executed for South African Tourism, Coca-Cola East Africa and Ghana Oil, across 28 countries in Africa.

Why Africa?

Two Tone Global has selected countries that show great long-term prospects and those that promise to expand the agencys capabilities. These include Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. We have thoroughly assessed these markets potential size, market growth rate, competitive intensity, strengths and weaknesses of existing and potential competition as well as the height of entry barriers, including tariffs and quotas.